Selection of Subjects after SSC/ 10th Class

In 10+2 system of education which is adopted by almost all Boards of Education in India, SSC/ 10th class/ High School is considered as the first crucial step in a student’s life. It is the time when student has to prepare for Boards exams and simultaneously to evaluate and select the subjects to study in future as per their interest duly considering the scope of various professions.

After successfully qualifying 10th class, the students are having options for either getting into a job or to continue their studies. Most of the students continue their studies by getting admission in 11th class or any diploma course or ITI while the students unable to continue their studies can get into a job. This instance is too premature for doing job and the jobs offered to 10th passed candidates are considered at the bottom of the hierarchy of jobs.


Some of the  jobs available for 10th qualified candidates are Constables in Police Force and paramilitary forces, soldiers( Technical Grade) in Indian Army, Dock Yard apprentice in Indian Navy, clerks & goods guard in railways, postman in postal department, stenographer, office attendants, drivers in state transport service, peon etc.  If job is not a necessity, students prefer to continue their studies.


Getting admission in 11th class is the time when students has to make some of the most important decisions for their career.  It is the time to select the subjects to study in last two years of schooling and may also be followed in college during higher studies.  The subjects opted in 11th class establish the foundation of the profession to execute in future. The professional practices rely upon the set of subjects studied is school & college and generally segregated as Conventional like Medical, engineering, management, teaching, lawyer etc and non-conventional like photography, archeology, ethical hacking, gemology, film making etc. students should opt the subjects according to their interest like biology to practice medicines, mathematics for engineering and commerce for management & accounting.


A concise information concerning interrelation between various professions and concerned subject is endowed here. It is clear from that past records that maximum students prefer science subjects for their Higher Secondary. Science stream is bifurcated into biology and Mathematics, to be studied with common subjects Physics and Chemistry.


The student opted biology as subject of study has most probably determined to establish them either in field of health science or in life science. In actual health science is just a part of life science. The list of professions exclusively available for biology students is too prolonged that to make it convenient it is bifurcated into these two streams. Health Science comprised professions like doctors, pharmacists, medicine research, nurses etc. while the courses under life science is study of Biotechnology, Biomedical Science, Agriculture, Forensic Science and Bioinformatics etc.

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The second subject of Science stream is Mathematics. Students having analytical and logical skills and are not interested to study theories opt to study mathematics. The scholars peruse their education in Mathematics can become engineer in various field, technicians, machines and building designer, statistician, operation research analyst, mathematician, teacher,  Computer System analysts in software companies etc.

The Disciple qualified their HSC/ 12th class in Science subjects also have access to Commerce and Arts courses like B.Com and B.A and also to the courses which are accessible irrespective of the subjects like LLB. The access of science disciples to all courses makes the subject most preferable.

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According to the preference of students, commerce lies next to the science subjects. In schooling, the subjects to be study in commerce are Mathematics (optional), Business Studies, Accounts, Economics etc. and the students planned to forge their career in trade, business management and accounting prefer commerce subjects for their higher studies.  The various courses available for commerce disciples are after HSC are CA, CS, BBA, B.Com, BMS, BBM etc. by which the disciples can be turn out into a Charted Accountant, Company Secretary, Banker and Entrepreneur etc. The students qualified their 12th in commerce subjects also have access to arts courses but not to the science ones.

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Beside Science and commerce, Arts/ humanities is another option of subject to study in Higher Secondary. In schooling the subjects covered under Arts stream is History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Home science, Fine arts, Philosophy, languages, literature etc. and the student has to select the set of subjects as per the basic scheme of studies.  Arts students can practice lots of professions which are generally based on the intellectual skills and personal interest of the individual like economist, historian, teacher, philosopher, social activist, public relation executive, journalist, professional photographer, psychologist, painter etc.

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It is quiet natural to get baffled while making decision about your career and subjects. Now, when the inter-relation between various subjects and their connected professions is comprehended, student can make their decision according to their interest.  If still any confusion persists consult your parents, elders or career counselor.  So all the best students and have a great future.

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